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Texts contain other typos than misspelled wrods. Extra spaces, ‘’wrong quotes„ , hyphens instead of dashes - and.. . . . . .

Many tools can help you cope with grammar typos.

Typopo steps in where others fall short—it fixes the most common microtypography errors that often require an attentive eye and knowledge of local typography rules.

Let’s write neat texts without bothering about all the typography rules! Typopo checks for thousands of microtypography flaws and fixes them instantly.

No sign-up required.

Here’s what Typopo can fix

Typopo finds and fixes abudant combinations of microtypography errors based on what writers usually overlook. Check out few examples of what typopo can wipe out.

Double & Single quotes


Double & Single primes

Hyphens & Dashes

White spaces

Non-breaking spaces

Elipses & Aposiopeses

A couple of symbols


Accidental uppercase

ISBN/ISSN formatting

How can you use Typopo

Book designers & DTP operators

Before you typeset raw texts in a DTP app of your choice, run it through Typopo and fix microtypography with a single click.

Developers & geeky writers

Developers, run your localization strings through Typopo so you don’t need to escape \"dumb quotes\" and place  .
Writers, level up your Markdown notes with a neat typography.

Digital products & apps

Include an NPM package in your code to output a clean copy; or to give your content editors an extra functionality.

Typopo fixes five languages


English flag

English typography rules are based on Bringhurst’s Elements of Typographic Style 4.0 and Butterick’s Practical Typography.


German flag

German typography rules were consulted with @skurzinz.


Czech flag

Czech typography rules are based on Pecina’s Knihy a typografie and consulted with Filip Blažek.


Slovak flag

Slovak typography rules are consulted with Martin Fek and based on his typtop guide.


Rusyn flag

Rusyn typography rules are adaptation of Slovak and Ukrainian typography practice.

Typopo is free and open-source

I’m Brano and I want to give everyone handy tools to fix microtypography automagically. I design and develop Typopo in my free time; which is scarce. If you love Typopo and you find it helpful, support the project.

Your support will let me continue improving Typopo ecosystem—the app, JavaScript library, NPM package and VS Code Extension.

Brano Sandala, a freelance product designer & mentor